Come to Our Shop

Lark & Berry is a fine designer jewellery lover's paradise. Engulf yourself in sights of coloured sapphires, shining cultured diamonds and engagement rings glistening with the promise of everlasting love. Our dedicated, expert staff is eager to answer any questions and point you in the right direction to find your style.

Choosing Your Piercing

Lark & Berry offers dozens of fine piercings featuring metal selections like 14K yellow gold, rose, white and even offbeat choices like black rhodium. Then, there’s the many selections of gemstones. Whether it’s diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, black spinel and more – every stone Lark & Berry uses is always cultured (grown, not mined). That means no matter what you choose, you're always getting the most sustainable stones for the planet.


Getting Ready

Our piercing stylist is here to help! Whether you want a piece on-trend, or you’re looking to shake things up and start fresh, we'll help you find exactly what works best for you. PLEASE NOTE: We advise you eat something before getting pierced, and please do not drink alcohol before you come in, as it can thin the blood.

Be brave...

It's Time For Your Piercing!

Piercings are super fun, and we know you’ll have the best time - but they do involve a needle, and many of us have some phobias in that area! Rest assured, you're in the best hands with Lark & Berry. It's our passionate mission to keep you safe. When you're ready, our stylist will show you to our luxury piercing space, tastefully sectioned off for privacy, with room for friends if you brought them along. Settle in and get comfy, you're mere minutes away from a whole new look!

The After Care & Treats

To ensure your experience is the best and to reward your bravery, you will be leaving Lark & Berry with a special aftercare lotion to take home for cleaning your piercing site, as well as receiving totally free access to our in-store aftercare program, which includes a check-up, complimentary shortening of the bar on your jewellery (when applicable) and deep cleaning of your fine piece regardless of diamonds/gems types. You’ll also receive a sustainable tote bag, chocolates and Lark & Berry fragrance samples!

For more detailed info check out our Piercings FAQs section.


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