Jewellery and Piercing Care


Caring for your EAR ENVY jewellery

We have taken great care in creating your jewellery. Following these tips will ensure you continue to enjoy your EAR ENVY piece year after year.

When not in use, always protect your jewellery piece by storing it in its original Lark & Berry box or pouch to avoid damage.

Always avoid contact with chemicals contained in perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, hair and beauty products etc., which may affect the sparkle of your piece.

You will be given a cleaning lotion and aftercare advice on the day of your piercing appointment on how to look after your new piercing.

We also include a small leaflet with all the guidelines so you can read those in the comfort of your own home.

We use 8mm labrets with a push and pull mechanism to pierce with and we can shorten this on request after the healing process. The service is free of charge.

Our EAR ENVY piercers don’t advise a piercing to be done with a 6mm hoop however you can use this size for a healed piercing. We recommend size 8mm and 10mm hoop.

Please feel free to bring your EAR ENVY piece into one of our stores or contact us at where we would be more than happy to assist and advise you further. 


Please contact us for any further information. 

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