Metals and materials

What’s the gauge of the earrings?


What’s the length of the piercing’s post?

We use an 8mm post as the standard for a piercing. If you desire,
we can shorten the post on request after your ear has healed.

Can I get pierced with a 6mm post?

We don’t recommend it. This size is for a healed piercing only. We recommend sizes 8mm and 10mm so that there’s some extra room for the ear to breathe whilst healing.

Is your piercing jewellery solid gold?

Yes, our piercings are 14K solid gold.

Piercing healing and care

Do you use a needle or a gun?

We only use needles. The needles are only used once, and despite their scary association for some, they’re actually the cleanest and most pain-free method! Nothing to get scared about, in other words!

How long will it take my cartilage to heal?

9 to 12 months is a safe, benchmark expectation. Please note, however, this can vary, as everyone takes different rates of time to heal.

How long will it take my lobe to heal?

6 to 8 weeks is a safe, benchmark expectation. Please note, however, this can vary, as everyone takes different rates of time to heal.

When can I change my earring?

We recommend everyone wait at least 2 months to change jewellery with a lobe piercing and a bit longer for changing a cartilage piece. This can also vary, as healing times for individual people are different.

How often should I clean my new piercing?

Carefully clean at least twice a day for at least two weeks. Apart from that, try not to rub at the area of the piercing during the initial healing phase, it could cause irritation.

Can I swim after my piercing?

No swimming in pools for the first 2 weeks following your piercing. Swimming in the sea is actually permitted, however. The salty water will aid with healing!

Rules, refunds & exchanges

Can I reuse my earring or use my own one to be pierced with?

No, to use our service you must be using a Lark & Berry piece.

Do I get my booking fee back?

Yes, on the day of your appointment.

Do I pay extra for the actual piercing?

No, you only pay for the earring(s) of your choice.

Is there a refund or exchange on piercings?

No refunds or exchange on piercings.

What’s the minimum age for piercing?

The minimum age we will pierce is 10 years old. From ages 10 to 17, you must be with an adult, and both parties must have IDs. 18 and up are free to be pierced acting as his/her own guardian.

Extras & Misc

Do you provide any aftercare service?

To ensure your experience is the best and to reward your bravery, you will be leaving Lark & Berry with a special aftercare lotion to take home for cleaning your piercing site, as well as receiving totally free access to our in-store aftercare program, which includes a check-up, complimentary shortening of the bar on your jewellery (when applicable) and deep cleaning of your fine piece regardless of diamonds/gems types.

Can I gift a piercing experience?

Yes, in fact, we have a few piercing package offers that are great for gifting and/or to partake in with groups, find out more here!